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Winter is coming. The blues are settling in.

Read on to find the best ways to stay positive in the colder months.

Hello to all.

Thank you for your continued support and I hope that we can help you through these dark and dreary months. With winter approaching and the nights growing longer its easy to fall in to the traps of the winter blues. Many, I suspect, are starting their day in the dark and coming home in the dark too. Hopefully these helpful tips will make these not seem so bleak.

Positive vibes are always the best way to beat anything! Stay positive! With Halloween and Guy Fawkes night just gone there is still plenty to look forward to. Its my favourite holiday approaching..Christmas! That's right I said it. The only time I can think about this is after October. The best time to bring out the Christmas jumpers, eat too many mince pies and watch the wonder and excitement in the eyes of Children. Even in my adult years, the prospect of Father Christmas and his many elves preparing for the big day is thrilling. Seeing all the homes decorated and the songs on the radio is enough to make anyone get in the Christmas spirit. Not too far behind is the almighty New Years! Spending time counting down the seconds to the next year and making those New Years resolutions that no-one sticks to past January. These are all things to stay positive about and should help make these dark months feel a little brighter!

Keeping active during the day when its bright will help you feel better. Park slightly further away at a truck stop can encourage a walk during your breaks. The more sun you see the better you will feel. Get out and about on your days off, wrap up warm and enjoy the colder breeze and fallen leaves.

Eating healthily will give you more energy and therefore less lethargic which will better your mood. Balance your diet and keep on top of those cravings, gaining weight during these months is only going to encourage more negative thoughts. Refer to my article written a few weeks ago about healthy eating for any tips on how to stay healthy on the road!

If possible, take up a new hobby to meet new people or spend more time with friends and family. Keeping people who love you around will always go a long way. Try and arrange days or evenings out, games nights with a good curry is always a favourite in our household. Great for all ages and encourages quality time.

Finally, if things are really getting on top of you then talk to someone. If you don't want to talk to someone you know, then there are plenty of support groups or charities that you can visit or even you GP. Don't let these feelings get the better of you! For more advice please visit the NHS website here.

If you have any tips or questions then please leave it in the comment section below. So, if those winter blues are getting you down just remember, stay positive, stay active and surround yourself with love.

Thank you for reading, drive safe and over to you!

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