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Driver CPC FAQ

Driver Certificate of Professional Competence or Driver CPC to us regular people, is a legal requirement if you drive a lorry, bus or coach as the main part of your job. If you're unsure if your job requires it then check out the Gov website. I've put the link here for you.

So here is what you need to know!

We thought we would write and answer some of the questions that we get asked on a regular basis! If you're a van driver (3.5 tonne or less) then don't worry! Stop reading, this doesn't apply to you. Anything bigger and I am afraid you should keep reading.


So what is this CPC training that we keep hearing about? Long story short its additional training to go with your HGV licence. Its generally classroom learning and based on attendance, so good news there are no tests...bad news, you do need to be awake and pay attention. Here at Prigmore Haulage we do a wide range and try to make it as engaging as possible to help the bad news not seem so bad. So how long does it take? Well you will need 35 hours in total which is generally 7 hours a day (8 if we include those must needed breaks) and so it can be completed over 5 days.


Have you only just passed? If so, then this doesn't apply to you just yet. If you passed after 2006 then you will get your licence after completing 4 modules, which include a theory test and driving assessment. CPC applies to those that passed before 2006 or 5 years after the 4 modules, and so on. That's right, you will need to do these 35 hours every 5 years to keep driving! It works out one day a year and here at Prigmore Haulage Ltd we do one Saturday a month to help with this. Failing that you can do all 5 in one go as long as it is before your current one runs out, so to help out we also do one full week a month. We have your back!


So I know what you could be thinking, who is going to know if I do not do it? Well, DVSA will and so will your employer. You do get a CPC card which has an expiration date, and when you have completed your course these are uploaded to the DVSA to keep them informed. Plus, if you are caught without having one you will get fined up to £1,000 and so will your employer. Not really worth the risk! Also, while on the topic of fines you should carry the CPC card with you because if you cannot provide it when stopped, you could get a £1,000 fine. If you're unsure how many CPC hours you have done (trust me it happens) then don't worry you can sign up and check on the UK Gov website. I've also put the link here for you.


Are you an EU driver with a CPC card? Don't panic just exchange it! Write a short letter which includes driving licence number, name, address and phone number. Then send it to the following address:


Driver CPC Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency PO Box 716 Swansea SA1 9QR

Shorty afterwards, DVSA will send you a new Driver CPC card with the same number as your driving licence. From then on, after doing 35 hours of periodic training (that's another term for CPC) in England, Scotland or Wales, you’ll get your Driver CPC qualification for 5 years.


Finally, how much does it cost? To keep it simple here at Prigmore Haulage Ltd we like to stay competitive. We charge £70, and this includes VAT, upload to the DVSA and a good looking certificate (if I must say so myself).


Check out our course dates here. For more details, to book or to ask any other questions that I haven't covered call our office on 01933 651778. 

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