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What is ADR?

This is an abbreviation of a french word but it means an agreement between multiple countries carrying dangerous loads on the road. Even though ADR is an European Agreement it will not be affected by Brexit  and is used in countries that are not part of the EU. They are a set of guidelines to make sure that the carriage of dangerous goods is conducted safely


What is classed as dangerous goods?

These have been identified by a group of chemists who have decided that certain chemicals cause an effect or a reaction that is considered an unacceptable risk to the environment, people or property. Each one is given a special 4 digit number making it translation proof and easier when informing the emergency services.


Who does ADR apply to?

As it stands, ADR applies anyone who is sending out dangerous goods by road i.e the Consignor, and any one taking the product i.e the haulier and the Consignee. Each one has a responsibility for their part in keeping the products safe from causing harm. With the help of a DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser) each party can do the best of their ability to protect the people, environment and property from any and all unacceptable risk.


How does this apply to drivers?

Under ADR the rules state that drivers must be qualified by a competent authority to carry these dangerous chemicals. This is tested by the SQA and here at Prigmore Haulage Ltd we offer the training required. After 3 days of classroom based learning there is a multiple choice exam. We can offer CPC alongside the training so you can get both at the same time. Just like CPC this lasts only 5 years and does need repeating but they fit in well together.


As a company it is the employers responsibility to make sure that all their staff are adequately trained which is why Prigmore Haulage Ltd can also offer half day ADR awareness training with a certificate of attendance for additional staff. This can be done on site, or at our training centre


You will also need a DGSA if you are the Consignor or Carrier and by 2021 even those who deal with limited quantities must also have a DGSA. We can offer you that service at a price and flexibility that suits your companies needs.


So, if you're a driver with more curiosity or a company looking for help then please call our office now on 01933 651 778

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