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Partner on nights or working late?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Don't feel sad, read on with what you could do with your time.

Hello all, its me again!

With Valentines on the way and when your partner is on nights or working late it can feel lonely. Especially if, like me, you have small children so your stuck in by yourself. Its hard not to feel like its all your partners fault and want to be mad but don't! We here at Prigmore Haulage Ltd try to understand the partners who are 'left behind'. Please read on if you have a partner that goes AWOL at work.

My all time favourite thing to do once the kids are in bed is to light candle and binge watch a TV show! It might not be for everyone but a good program that has about 15 seasons and could take you a year to watch is my go to zone! Get lost in the random dramas within a hospital or a murder to solve by New York detectives and before long you will be miffed on the days your partner makes it home at a reasonable time to even mess up watching your Soaps.

Invite a friend round, enjoy a drink and a good catch up. I bet your friends would be delighted to spend some quality time with you and it can be a nice break to have an adult conversation. Chat about your weeks events and try not to discuss partners or children to really feel like yourself again.

Without sounding too boring, complete a puzzle. These are very therapeutic and can take hours to complete. Time really does fly by and you will have feel like you've accomplished something. The bigger the better and you can spread it over many evenings in with a glass of wine.

Okay, I may have pushed the boat out with that one but what about learning something new? There are plenty of online courses to learning a new language or skill that you could complete and share with your loved one when they return home. Take some time to read a new book, I often get lost in a good story and the next thing I know its 10pm and time for bed! Try yoga, plenty of videos online can help you with that and its a great way to clear your mind and just stop.

Play that video game on the games console that drivers your partner mad when they are home. You can spend hours chatting to your online friends while attacking zombies in the latest apocalypse.

If you have any ways in which you spend your evenings when your partners away then please let us know in the comments below.

Whatever you decide to do, try not to get mad at your partner for working long hours, being home late or staying out all night. Chances are they are doing it for you and your family. Try and use this time for some 'me' time as if you are like me that doesn't happen very often. Happy Valentines!

Thank you for reading, drive safe and over to you.

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