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Oooh SNAP!

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Hello readers!

So you are driving down the road and an angry driver honks their horn, under cuts you and speeds off at an alarming rate! Now you're thinking...Why are police never there when you want them? I'm sure we've all had this at one time or another and now with Operation SNAP you can do something about it.

Operation SNAP, or OP SNAP is a response to the increase in video footage sent to police departments reporting driving offences. This footage is generally recorded on dash-cams and can be submitted by anyone in the general public. It can now be done via the county police's website and by filling out a short form it is submitted instantly.

Now this might sound like you are being watched which case you could be..however you now have the ability to catch those out that you feel are breaking traffic laws. Prior to this new system, the footage would be sent in and a personal statement needed to be taken, the resources were not there and it would take time.

Op SNAP can be used to capture all crimes from speeding, not wearing seat belts and being on the phone; to driving without any due care or attention at all. These can be taken from speed camera vans, CCTV, dash-cams and mobile phones to give a few examples. Please keep in mind that not all counties are taking part just yet and it must be submitted to the county in which the offence took place.

So what can't they prosecute for? Well there are many reasons.Low quality footage could mean they may not be able to make out number plates, submitting it to the wrong force means they wouldn't be able to pursue, if there is a road traffic collision then this would be dealt with by a different department and if there was no offence or the office is difficult to prove.

Also, a keen one to remember is that if you are driving at the time of the offence then they will be assessing your driving too. So if you have committed one they could prosecute you as well!

If you have any stories relating Operation SNAP in which there was a success (or a failure) in this new system then please leave them in our comments below.So as always be safe on those roads!

Thank you for reading, drive safe and over to you.

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