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Fancy a snack? Keep it healthy

Some quick tips on staying healthy on the road.

Hello all, its me again!

This time we thought we would discuss the healthiest snacks/meals out there while on the road. We all know its easy to grab something convenient and not to think about those little calories while on the go. However, with winter coming and all those holidays just around the corner, how can we not try and help you save those extra few pounds?

Now, we are realistic here at Prigmore Haulage and we are not going down the 5-a-day route (although,of course we would highly recommend it). Lets take a look at those service station pitfalls that we all fall for and see if there can be a better option.

So, you are in a service station and your first thought is to grab some fast food! Let's face it, we all fancy a fast food favourite when we get the chance...

Try and stay away from those ever so tempting greasy burgers and deep fried chips! We wouldn't try and tempt you with a salad either cos' that's crazy (unless you want them, then please do!). What about a wrap? Some are filled with grilled chicken, which is ever so tasty! It just means you can have more mince pies when the time roles around. Some fast food places offer rice with their meals instead of bread. Rice is very filling, can be made to have great flavours and keeps those calories fairly low.

From the examples above, the idea is to always go grilled over fried or rice over fries! If you are lucky enough to have a fridge in your cab then take some treats from home. Some fast food restaurants offer fruit bags and carrot sticks which are easy and refreshing, carrot sticks and hummus are always a great pair. Nuts are always a fantastic snack, lasts a long time and full of protein. Boiled eggs with spinach are now a great option in services and should be one to try.

Finally, drinks. Coffee is a favourite amongst drivers but do try to limit it. Stay away from energy drinks as they are full of sugar and are only a short term fix. Drink plenty of water throughout your day and you cannot go wrong!

I hope this helps and hopefully we have made you think before all those Halloween sugary treats, Bonfire Toffee Apples and Christmas Mince Pies kick in!

If you have any tips please leave it in the comments below for all our fellow truckers to tuck into! (See what I did there..)

Thank you for reading, drive safe and over to you!

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