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5 of the UK's most haunted roads

Roads to be avoided for their spooky nature....or endured for a Halloween thrill!

Hello my fellow readers, with Halloween fast approaching we thought you might enjoy a nice easy read of the most haunted roads within the UK to either avoid or indulge depending on your need for a scare. The following tells tales of ghosts and murders so please read on if you dare.....

First up we have Flash Lane, Darley Moor, United Kingdom. This is a story about quiet country lane in Derbyshire near Darley Dale. According to what people say and believe it is haunted by a headless horseman who was seen in the 1990's alongside other sightings of UFO's and 'Black Panthers' close to the area. If that isn't spooky enough there have been several ghostly peddlers that have been sighted; one of which was murdered at Darley Dale near Matlock and went on to haunt another quiet lane near St Helen's church which is sometimes called Ghost Lane. For more information on headless men carrying empty coffins please see our source of information here.

Second on our list is A21 Sevenoaks Bypass. This is supposed to be haunted by ghosts on the slip road that leads drivers into oncoming traffic and ultimately their deaths! Many motorists have claimed that they have experienced paranormal activity on the A21, numerous even stating that they have seen strange figures stepping out in front of cars and then completely disappearing. Where the new dual carriageway intersects with the Old Gracious Lane it is reputedly stated to be the most haunted part of the road. It has been claimed that the road disappears and is replaced by a false road which takes the car to the right. Ghost hunters have blamed several fatal collisions over the years on this appearance. For more information on this murderous story please see our source for more information here.

Bringing it closer to home at third on our list is the Barford Bridge Ghost on the A6003 from Kettering to Corby. In 1984, both a police sergeant and a women reported seeing a man's face in their rear view mirror. It has been believed that these are linked to a monk from nearby Pipewell Abbey. This was further strengthened by drivers claiming to see a ghostly figure suddenly appear next to them in the passenger seat while traveling towards Geddington. If you want to hear more of this ghostly tale, please check out our source here.

The A38 has some wonderful tales, one of which has been reported about a phantom hitchhiker since the 1950s. This is on the road between Wellington and Taunton in Somerset. One of which is a fellow lorry driver in 1958 called "Harry (or "Harold" in some stories) Unsworth". Harry explained what he saw a hitchhiker that he had given a lift to earlier re-appear further down the road from where he left him. In the 1970's a lady swerved her car to avoid hitting a hitchhiker that was a disheveled figure wearing a long overcoat. Many more experiences including further truckers, who had thought he had run over a man and a cyclist who broke a leg trying to avoid hitting someone. For more of Harry's story please check out our source of information here.

Our final stop takes us to the A75, which is a major road in Scotland. According to a story in 1957 a truck driver had swerved to avoid hitting a couple in the middle of the road, when he got out of his cab to investigate they had disappeared. Many others tell similar stores of either couple or a group of friends seeing shadowy figures of different shapes from that of an elderly woman to the back end of a truck causing them to brake and for all it to vanish so suddenly! It is claimed to be the most haunted road in Britain. For more information of sightings as recent as 1997 please read more of these hazy figures here.

Please share any of your ghostly tales in our comments below. We here at Prigmore Haulage Ltd, love a good horror story. Wishing you all a Happy Halloween.

Thank you for reading, drive safe and over to you!

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